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Auburn Pharmaceutical Tracelink Portal

Auburn Pharmaceutical utilizes Tracelink to be compliant with the DQSA/DSCSA requirements.

Tracelink Customer Registration
Frequently Asked Questions about DSCSA Product Tracing Requirements via FDA Website
Auburn Pharmaceutical has partnered with TraceLink to comply with the FDA's Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA) or Drug Quality Security Act (DQSA). Auburn Pharmaceutical is a direct purchaser on Rx Pharmaceutical drugs that we sell. TraceLink maintains all of Auburn's transaction data including: transaction history, information, and statements. The information is stored on TraceLink's Secure Server, and is free to access by all Auburn Pharmaceutical's customers. TraceLink will store all records for a minimum of (6) six years. You may leave your T3 information on the TraceLink system, or download it to your computer.