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Industry News

Auburn continually updates our product portfolio, ensuring that we are offering the most current generics that are available in the market. What’s more, our commitment to consumer and product safety is unparalleled - we notify customers of manufacturer recalls immediately and our protocols align with FDA regulations.


Auburn has been a full-line generic distributor for over 28 years, and we are now venturing into the world of Brand items! We will begin carrying a limited number of Brand items, with limited quantities, and have already received the first of what we hope to be a growing part of our business. The Brand items are being added to support your pharmacy’s needs. We are adding more generics to our catalog every day.

Auburn is also adding a new Monthly feature called “Clear the Warehouse” which will feature items that will be priced to move. Two straightforward ways to find these “Clear the Warehouse” items will be to contact your Account Manager for a list of items or, if you prefer the online experience, simply type XCL in the search field.

Speaking of savings, Save-the-date! November 26th is our annual Black Friday Generic Bid sale. This Black Friday auction is a one day only deal so don’t miss out. The auction will open at 11:00AM and close at 7:00PM on the same day. And remember, there is still no auction fee. Go to Genericbid.com for more information.

With over 65% of the independent pharmacies carrying CBD products, Auburn is offering a full line of CBD products made by Apothecary Heritage in Southwest Michigan. The hemp-based CBD products are organic and contain no THC. Starter kits are available as well as products for pets. Ask your Auburn Account Manager for details.

We are pleased to announce that our Corporate Citizenship Committee is back! We held our 7th Annual Cider & Donuts fundraiser on October 26th and 27th where all proceeds benefit “Friends of Foster Kids”. We are looking forward to “Meals on Wheels” returning to in-person service so we can once again support a great organization helping people!

Your Auburn Account Manager is here to help make your job easier. Check-in with them for questions and updates on the latest products, news or any general help you may need. Also, please check us out on Facebook and give us a “Like”.

We are thankful for all our loyal customers and wish everyone a safe and bountiful Thanksgiving!

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Generic Product Launch Dates

Below you will find a list of anticipated new generic launch dates* along with the estimated availability. If you are interested in learning more about which items Auburn Pharmaceutical may carry in the future, please contact us to open your account.

Brand Name Generic Name # of players Estimated Availability*
Narcan Naloxone Nasal Spray 2 Player 4Q 2021
Gilenya Fingolimod 0.25mg Caps 1 Player 4Q 2021
Vimpat Lacosamide 5+ Players 1Q 2022
Selzentry Maraviroc 1 Players 1Q 2022
Viibryd Vilazodone 5+ Players 2Q 2022
*This information is intended to provide you with the latest industry news around generic drug launch dates. Please note, there is no guarantee that Auburn Pharmaceutical will supply the listed products. Product release dates are subject to change by evolving market conditions. Launch dates are anticipated, not guaranteed.

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