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Auburn continually updates our product portfolio, ensuring that we are offering the most current generics that are available in the market. What’s more, our commitment to consumer and product safety is unparalleled - we notify customers of manufacturer recalls immediately and our protocols align with FDA regulations.


TNow that the horrific effects of COVID-19 appear to be weakening around the country something that we are watching closely is how this will impact the drug supply chain. It’s estimated that 40-50% of all generic drugs sold in the U.S. are manufactured in India and the vast majority of all active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) are produced outside of the U.S. Most manufacturers that bring their drugs over from foreign countries stock a 60-90 day supply of finished product here. In many cases this supply is beginning to shrink. With countries like India, China, and Italy still on varying degrees of lockdown this has already begun presenting problems with supply. While pharmaceutical companies have been exempted from many of the lockdowns, we continue to receive notices from many of our suppliers that they are having difficulty in getting their employees to work, getting necessary materials in, finding trucks to take the products out and finding planes and boats to get the product sent here. And these problems haven’t been unique to our foreign suppliers. Many of the U.S. based manufacturers are located around New York and New Jersey have also reported to us that they have had difficulty getting in staff to keep up with demand. In February, when the pandemic began to grow, our purchasing department started increasing their orders with our suppliers. We have continued to do this with the belief that we will begin to see many shortages in the industry and the companies not as affected by this will not be able to quickly pick up the slack. We welcome new business and will do everything that we can to help those out that are having problems finding items. In order to do this, and take care of our existing customer base, we have had to put limits on many of our products. In some cases you’ll find that we have put daily and monthly limits on some items. Many of our suppliers are doing the same with their customers. If you have been buying an item from Auburn in the past and a limit becomes a problem talk to your Auburn Account Manager. They can check your past purchase history with us and we will do what we can to help you out.

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Generic Product Launch Dates

Below you will find a list of anticipated new generic launch dates* along with the estimated availability. If you are interested in learning more about which items Auburn Pharmaceutical may carry in the future, please contact us to open your account.

Brand Name Generic Name # of players Estimated Availability*
Nymalize Nimodipine Oral Soln TBD March 2020
Denavir Penciclovir Sod Cream TBD June 2020
Pomalyst Pomalidomide 5+ Players May 2020
Bidil Hydralazine Hydrochloride/Isosorbide Dinitrate TBD September 2020
*This information is intended to provide you with the latest industry news around generic drug launch dates. Please note, there is no guarantee that Auburn Pharmaceutical will supply the listed products. Product release dates are subject to change by evolving market conditions. Launch dates are anticipated, not guaranteed.

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