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Auburn Pharmaceutical RETURN POLICY
Effective Mar 29, 2021

  1. All product must be authorized by Auburn Pharmaceutical Company (Auburn) prior to returning product to receive credit. Without prior authorization the product will be destroyed and no credit will be issued.
  2. Full credit for returns will be given when product is returned within 180 days of invoice date. After 180 days, the price paid or current price, whichever is lower, minus a 25% restocking fee, will be credited. No cash credits will be given. Account credits only. Account must be an active Auburn account to receive a credit for a return.
  3. Only unopened products purchased from Auburn may be returned for credit. No credit will be issued for opened, partial bottles, damaged or defaced packaging.
  4. Recalled items may be returned if opened or as partial bottle with prior authorization.
  5. Expired product is NOT eligible for return credit.
  6. Products labeled on the invoice as Non-Returnable (NR) are sold as final sale and are not subject to a credit.
  7. Auburn will issue a pre-paid UPS tag (not eligible for Saturday pickup) to return product which is:
    1. Damaged in Delivery
    2. A manufacturer defect
    3. Recalled
    4. A warehouse picking error
    5. A product sent in error by an Account Manager
  8. All UPS ARS labels must be adhered to outside of box to receive a credit and the top of the return authorization form must be signed by customer.
  9. Customer will be responsible for costs of returning products which are pre-authorized and are:
    1. Ordered in error
    2. Overstock
  10. Vials may be returned within 180 days of invoice date with an approved return authorization. Any associated shipping costs are the responsibility of the customer returning the vials.
  11. Distributor/wholesaler may not return product purchased from Auburn unless product was damaged in transit or a product was sent in error.

Auburn Pharmaceutical Company reserves the right to amend this policy which supersedes former return policies.